Adult Draft League

Updated Wednesday April 25, 2018 by OBHL-PKC.

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NEW OBHL Draft League:
Individual adults can register online or at the offices to join the Draft!
The league is seeking a minimum of 40 players plus 4 goalies to create 4 teams of 2 lines and a goalie to play in a fun draft league. The league will hold a draft where captains will pick teams. Rules and Player Ratings to be created at the draft. This division is based on having fun, making new friends, and getting exercise!

Season Details:
-For all players of all ages and all skill levels
-The Season will start Mid June (once enough registered).
- Players will get a 12 games (10 regular season plus playoffs)
- All players or winning team will receive an individual prize or souvenir (teams will vote on decision)
- Games are played during the week at either or both rinks throughout the season
- Individual OBHL Team Shirt included

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Draft Scheduling:
We have ample time to schedule teams with the new rink so players will be asked scheduling questions on the registration and the league and players will determine a schedule that will work for the majority registered. Open times to Play are evenings 7-10pm start time and weekends. Any decisions on scheduling that prohibits you from joining the draft will be refunded. We will aim to have a set night during the week to play the regular season. So register today and provide detailed feedback in the registration questions.

Draft League Rules:
Teams and the League will meet before and during the season to create rules that make the division a safe, fair and fun!

Equipment and Uniforms: 
Players 18 and over are required to wear protective gloves (hockey/lacrosse) and a stick and a team jersey/shirt to play. Sticks can be anything but no wooden blades.

Seasons to Play:
SPRING (Mar-May) - SUMMER (Jun-Aug) - FALL (Sept-Nov) - WINTER (Dec-Feb)

Adult Draft League Questions?
League President Ryan Anderson at: